Weird things about NZ

I took a 24 hour plane journey from New York and arrived in Christchurch, NZ. First impression: it’s freezing! Second impression: I’m exhausted! Third impression: kids are super hard work (not mine!). I was staying with family friends in the city that was devastated by an earthquake in 2010. Much of it is still being Weird things about NZ

Impressions of New York

Hot. Hot and humid; often around 27C and 50%. I got off my flight and tried to decipher the subway system. It’s dirtier, less efficient and less clear to use than the Tube, though it does have aircon(!). Get this: sometimes you have to cross across the street to get to the other side of Impressions of New York

My RTW Itinerary

I thought it’d be interesting to see some stats about my up-coming round the world itinerary, so here are some infographics. And no, I can’t believe some of them either… As you can see below, I’ll be starting from London Heathrow, before making my way to New York JFK where I’ll be spending a week My RTW Itinerary