The Berlin Wall and Me

Yesterday, 29th January 2018 marks the first time that the Berlin wall has been down as long as it was up, the division of a nation that lasted the better part of half a century. The Mauerfall happened in 1989, a full 6 years before I was born; the same year my mother moved from The Berlin Wall and Me

Just Have a Little Patience

What do you imagine when you think of stage shows? Probably lots of lights, smoke machines, elaborate sets, speedy costume changes… In reality, theatre is nothing like that. So much of our time, as an actor, producer, stage manager – is spent waiting. Waiting for your scene. Waiting to make the next call. Waiting to Just Have a Little Patience

Table Top Trepidation

One of the last adventures I had during my gap year was also one of the most exciting. The last stop on my travels was in Cape Town, South Africa. It greeted us (me and my South African friend Stephen) with extremely low clouds and a good 10 degrees less warmth than Johannesburg, whose winter Table Top Trepidation

From Norwich, With Love

When I was applying for universities, I was looking as much at the city as the uni and course itself. I didn’t want to stray too far from the Canterbury feel: a small(ish) city with historical roots, somewhere where I could either be in the city centre or in the countryside within a matter of From Norwich, With Love

A Tale Of Two Cities

The rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney has existed as long as both cities; it was so contentious that when Australia became increasingly independent from the UK and had to decide on a capital city, the two couldn’t agree and so a third city – Canberra – was planned and built almost exactly between the two. A Tale Of Two Cities

Seeing Red

A joke that’s often made by the tour guides in and around Uluru is that your accommodation is rated a million stars. Because you’re sleeping outside. They’ve got these clever gadgets called swags that are basically like a hard-wearing sleeping bag with a mattress at the bottom. So that’s how I spent my nights in Seeing Red

The Price of Prosperity

You may not know it, but I occasionally get really nerdy about the aviation industry. And I mean REALLY nerdy. This week has seen the final report of the UK Airports Commission, a investigation that has been running for several years now to study the viabilities of airport expansion in the UK as we hit The Price of Prosperity