My RTW Itinerary

I thought it’d be interesting to see some stats about my up-coming round the world itinerary, so here are some infographics. And no, I can’t believe some of them either…

As you can see below, I’ll be starting from London Heathrow, before making my way to New York JFK where I’ll be spending a week before continuing to Christchurch, New Zealand (two stopovers in Los Angeles and Sydney) for two weeks. I’ll then fly to Alice Springs via Sydney, spend 4 days there before flying to Melbourne. By land, I’ll make my way up the Australian east coast to Cairns in 6 weeks, where I’ll fly to Johannesburg via Sydney. I spend about 4 days in Joburg before flying to Cape Town for another 5 days. I’ll then fly home via Joburg. In total, I’ll be away for 84 days.

And if you thought that was confusing, just look at Australia below on the map…(click to enlarge)

round the world itinerary

And now, for some fun facts about my flights!

Total flight time:

73 hours

Longest flight

14h 20m- Sydney – Johannesburg (QF063)

Total flight segments:


Total fuel consumption:

1550 litres

Total miles:

33,793 (54,373KM)

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